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Python Training Jaipur

Python is a high-level language used by the programmers for making high profile software. This language was created by Guido Van Rossum. Actually, the language got its name from the English comedy group called MONTY PYTHON which was enjoyed by Guido van Rossum while creating the language. History: Python got created in late 1980’s but, its implementation began in 1989. Again, it was recognized in the world by the name of python 2.0(replenished python 1.0) in December 2000. There were some bigger changes done in python 1.0 such as including the cycle detecting garbage collector and support for Unicode (which helps this language to run on multiple systems/platforms) , which was actually named as python 2.0. The most recent language used is PYTHON 2.7 and is estimated to be used till 2020.

    Features of python language:
  • Python language supports multi-paradigm programming language (MPPL), object-oriented programming (OOP) and structural programming (SP).
  • Python includes dynamic typing. It also uses cycle-detecting garbage detector and references counting together for program management.
  • Python also includes late binding which binds variables and names during execution.

Trends: According to the latest trends, Python Is now used as the basic programming language in the reputed companies spread all over the world. As it has its way around the globe with the programmers (i.e. it’s easy to code). So, most of the Engineering students are now moving towards this language as it’s the best Landmark in the programming world nowadays. So, there’s a strict need for Python training in Jaipur. OYS Infotel provides B.Tech/MCA students this opportunity who are interested in PYTHON training and making their career an exciting turning point for a boost in future. There’s a specialized training program for students in Python language where they are being supported on the Live project on Python training. So, get in touch with OYS Infotel for the PYTHON development training for B.Tech/MCA students. Our doors are always open for your valuable suggestions and comments too. Regarding this have some confusion then feel free to mail at- or call at- 7375888222, 7665008488