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Mean Stack Development Training

Mean Stack Development

MEAN is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies – MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js. It is used to develop complete web applications from client side to server side to databases, MEAN is a full-stack development toolkit.

In this course, you are going to learn following stuff :-

  • Introduction
  • What is NodeJS?
  • What is Angular?
  • How Angular and NodeJS work togather?
  • Understanding the flow of a Request in NodeJS
  • Working with Requests and Responses in NodeJS
  • Creating Routes and Passing Data in NodeJS
  • Http Methods and Data formats in NodeJS
  • Introduction of MongoDB
  • Setting up MongoDB
  • Starting a MongoDB Server and using the MongoDB Shell Client
  • Using the Mongoose to work with Data and Models
  • CRUD in MongoDB
  • Introduction to Angular
  • Rendering an Angular App with NodeJS / Express
  • Components and Decorators in Angular
  • Outputting Data with String Interpolation
  • Working with Templates and Styles
  • Two-Way-Binding
  • Adding Custom Models
  • Many more in depth topics
  • Connecting the Angular Frontend with the NodeJS Backend
  • Users and Authentication
  • Error Handling
  • App Optimizations and Deployment
  • Developing the Custom Project from Scratch

OYS Infotel has been pioneer in implementing latest technologies in its training program. And this course is one step towards that direction. The demand of MEAN stack developer has gone up considerably.

In the MEAN stack training development program, you will learn advance technologies to develop a rich and robust front-end web application. During the training session our professional trainers will aware you step by-step how to develop a powerful front-end web application.

The real reason to learn MEAN Stack is Employ-ability. A lot of openings are there in the market for MEAN Stack Developers. Our latest and advanced technologies based MEAN stack development training program covert the students in to professionals and give them the secure future in corporate world. We are here to help you, our well experienced trainers offer you the 100% job assurance training. For more information mail at or feel free to directly call at- 7375888222, 7665008488.